The 7 Keys for the 7 Years of Uranus in Taurus.

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We are approaching a major shift this year.  Uranus will move into the the zodiac sign Taurus, on May 16th, 2018.

Astrological phenomena have a tremendous effect on our earth.  For example, we see it in the stock markets, as the various systems and ecosystems of the earth are affected by the planetary movements and “cause” the resources on earth to change.

Uranus shakes up systems and is an archetype of "breakthroughs".  It radiates the energy of revolution and new beginnings.  One of the manifestations with Uranus in the earth sign Taurus, could be more earthquakes.  So I ask that anyone who is reading this to pray to pacify turbulences before they happen.  I am troubled to read about the #Calexit movement to make California independent from the United States.

With the consciousness that wants to shake off from the country gaining momentum, it just may be enough to literally split it off into the Pacific.  I really don’t want to see that happen.  What’s interesting is that the last time Uranus was in Taurus, we were in the middle of the Great Depression leading into WWII, so we may be faced with unresolved lessons we should have learned from that time, and we will have seven years to do it.

There is an unspeakable power to be gained from getting in touch with what we take for granted, i.e. the power of choice.  If we don’t exercise this power we will be continually swept away by the pressures and popularities of the limited minded and their leaders.  Uranus in Taurus wants us to use this power.

As energy manifests into our world, it goes through a bureaucracy of archetypes.  We receive inspiration via dreams, ideas, and flashes of insight.  We have “good ideas” and when we work with them, we can create something beautiful for the world.  These archetypal influences are perfectly foreseeable by observing Earth’s Solar System.

Whenever the cosmic players make a move, like in Go, we need to pay attention.  Now, as with all things, the difficulty is in the interpretation of the move. Interpretation requires us to know the symbolism and the better we can read symbols the more useful the interpretation can be.

As a society, we interpret thing things all the time.  We interpret tweets and opinions, speeches and actions.  Yet, we generally don’t interpret the cosmic forces at play because we are so busy interpreting their stereotypical effects here on earth.  Until we understand the things what we take for granted, we will not access the wisdom and thereby see the actions we need to take, to make a difference in our lives.

The following are the seven keys to use to unlock the highest power of Uranus in Taurus.

Key 1. Cosmic Choices Come from Conscious Changes.

Everyone knows the procession of months and seasons.  No different from these seasons, Aries always precedes Taurus.  Which means the planet Uranus, the archetype of unbounded freedom, will leave behind Aries, the sign of structure, establishment, and leadership.

Over the past seven years, since 2011, Uranus in Aries has created turbulence and unexpected change in leadership, especially in its final degrees of transit, such as Donald Trump taking presidency in 2017.  There have been advancements with establishing boundaries, structures, and self-promotion as well as the deaths of forward thinking minds such as Steve Jobs, who died on October 5, 2011 at the beginning of the transit and Stephen Hawking who died on March 14, 2018 toward the end of the transit.

With Uranus moving into Taurus, we will see advancements in the following areas: 

  • Politics

  • Media

  • Religion and spirituality

  • Banks and money

  • Food and agriculture

  • Education and learning

  • Languages of all kind

This will truly be a time in which we will grow and advance more than ever.

Key 2. Touch Your Money.

We will see more things like Bitcoin, and other alternatives.  Uranus is technology, Taurus is money and the banking systems. We have seen cryptocurrency grown as Uranus has approached Taurus, and we will only see more of it as our currency as we know it will become less and less physical.  Apple Pay, Android Pay, BitCoin, PayPal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, Digital Scanning, currency itself will all be innovated more and more, into a state of technological perfection.

We are handling money less and less, yet with more and more capacity.  We can transfer a million dollars from our devices instantly. We will see major advancements in who is controlling the money, how it is being spent, how we earn it and its value (Taurus rules value).

Bankers, brokers, and everybody on Wall Street, get ready for some major changes.  The Bull is standing by!

Money will become more electrical, and hopefully, more spiritual - meaning that we can increase its value.

But the question remains: will we still read “In God We Trust”?

Perhaps we will begin to understand more about spiritual currency as well as karma and merit.

The Wall Street Bull with my  Taurus Friend

The Wall Street Bull with my Taurus Friend


Account hacks will even be more sensitive than before.  There is a lot to consider when moving into a more virtual system.  However, we can expect an increase in protection against hacks with higher security measures being taken to protect our secrets.

Key 3. You Are What You Eat.

Taurus rules food and agriculture.  With Uranus, the planet of light, skipping through the terrains of Taurus, maybe we will see the invention of something like the replicator from Star Trek.  I mean, we already have 3D printing.

Piccard Tea.gif

We have already started to cultivate our own foods, but with this transit, it will get a boost of innovation.  Especially as the next generation of scientists begin to take the forefront of research and development. We may be willing to try new supplementation, new foods, new menus, and new ways of cooking.

We can expect to see advancements in farming and agriculture, how the food is planted, grown, and harvested.  There could be advancements in GMO, or hopefully the elimination of it altogether.

Key 4. Identify “Fake News”.

Taurus rules over politics, outer as well as inner.  We will see even more shifts in politics, which has taken over the media, which is also ruled by Taurus.

We are to seek freedom from media manipulation during this period.  The media must have felt the transit was approaching, which is why it’s freaking out, striving for its survival.  While Uranus in Aries shook up the leadership norms, it’s up to each and every one of us to choose where we put our attention.  We are obsessed with the news and the media. Even if we think we are taking action against a “wrong”, we are playing right into mind control.

Let me explain.

The point of the media is to feed us with information.  Now, we think we can choose what we consume, but really we only take what’s right in front of us no different than products that are strategically placed in a grocery market.  Most of us consume what we are suggested to purchase.  In short, the media really only cares about influencing us, hence feeding us what allows them to control our minds.

Whether we are outraged or enamoured is inconsequential.  It’s about forcing us to have an opinion and thereby fuel our personal energy into the media.

If we can break free from this mind control we will free up a lot of our personal energy for our own lives.  Right now, the world is chaotic, thereby making it weak and easier to control. It’s not about who or who is not in “power”, it’s about our personal attitude and mindfulness about it.

I urge anyone who is reading this to take a step back, remain informed, but don’t engage.  Whenever we think we are fighting for a cause, we are already sucked into playing the role, which may not even be meant for us.  When working with astrology, it’s important to know what our destiny is and have the courage to follow it.

Uranus wants us to be free, unbounded by the whims of others, and it could take the entire seven years for us to realize just how manipulated by the media we truly are.

For this, we will see newer stations reporting on more subjective news.  It’s okay to subscribe but remember to not get sucked into it, otherwise we may be constipated with manipulation and opinion.

Key 5. Take Out The DOGma.

Just as new broadcasts and syndications will begin, we will see new religions and spiritual systems too.  Maybe not new in the sense of original, but with new organization.

We will see major breakthroughs in spirituality, perhaps beyond religion.  It is said that religion is the diving board into the waters of spirituality, and with this transit we gain the ability to access that inner wisdom we have lost touch with.

It’s not about, my wisdom, or your wisdom, it’s about inner wisdom, which is the same language, same message, and same energy at the core.  If we can access this, we will activate healing, understanding, and a new meaning.


We will see new tools and new spiritual systems emerging to help others see the light.  Older, outdated systems will break down and there could be resistance, which would only be more inflamed by the media’s reports.  So once again, incorporate and take precautions to not get caught in the world wide web.

We will find new seats to put our faith and authority in.  We may find new teachers, gurus, guides, mentors, or teachers who won’t need to be local - thanks to technology.

Key 6. Learn Online.

Long distance learning may become more integrated and utilized.  Teachers are able to teach from afar and it could become even more popular and respected.

We have already seen online classes made available to everyone worldwide.  This is to give every child or adult a chance at a proper education. This will also have major consequences, seen and unforeseen.

This will only allow more and more advancements in every area.  Perhaps there will be changes in the education model, curriculum, or it will increase the amount of secret schools with privileged material.

It will also see that dogmatic establishments will no longer be able to dictate the pace or subjects students need to learn.  The idea of Mark Zuckerberg’s “Personalized Learning” may get the wind it needs to set sail during this transit.

Key 7: Mediation vs. Meditation.

Taurus rules luxury and attachment to the material.  With Uranus there, everything will advance and change.  With money subject to change, we could see an increase of technological luxury in AR (augmented reality) for example.

The story of the Golden Calf taught us that we need something to worship and believe in.  This is how status symbols and names work. We should pay for designer brands and names solely for reason of product quality.

Generally, we need some mediation to connect to a higher source.  This is true for every area of life, whether we want more access or to meet people who can help us.  But, if we can just meditate, then we can mediate ourselves without the middle man. We can actually become fulfilled.

We all have the Taurus archetype within, and we will all feel this transit as our old, stubborn world will be pushed forward.  All the systems will be updated, and perhaps information will get lost in the process. But, as always, how we use this transit is up to us and our mindfulness.

We want to live in a lush world of abundance and this is exactly what these seven years can bring us.