April 5, 2019: New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries March 2019.jpg

This is the first New Moon of the New astrological Year. The New Moon of Aries is a true marking of our collective dawn. We are at a state of commencement, and a time when we can truly break free from our self-imposed limitations. As we use the 48-hour window of the New Moon in Aries, know that it’s a great time to start new ventures and launch projects into orbit! Break through ego walls of limitation and put your plans into action.

The New Moon in Aries for 2019, is connected to getting rid of negative thoughts, which is an ongoing battle in our lives. Negative thoughts are like armies sent by our degraded ego, or what I like to call the ego A.I. When beginning anything new, we want to keep the thoughts as pure as possible, which we all know from experience, isn’t the easiest task.

Most of us are often beset by swarms of negative thoughts like plagues of locusts. These thoughts are messengers of our self-sabotaging ego and what we need to do is align our focus with our essential self. However, often we are so used to the clouds of negative thinking, that we don’t even realize they are there and therefore can’t do anything about them.

The great news is that we can step out of these negative thoughts whenever we want, because anything we’re not 100% happy about on the outside is an indication of some negative thinking. All we need to do is find the tether of light, grab it and pull ourselves out. Anyone who has the will can do it.

Remember, any attack we feel is only the triggering of some negativity we have within us. Our negative ego wants to blind us to the blessings and opportunities in our lives. That is why the blend to use for the New Moon in Aries 2019 is firewall. This alchemical potion will help us ward off negative thoughts, judgements and psychic attacks so we can see where to step. Take the breather this spray can provide when feeling attacked by negative thoughts.

By connecting with the New Moon in Aries, we can become intimate with the Arian archetype and increase our awareness of its influence in our life. As we connect with the quantum level of lunar Aries, we equip ourselves to make choices that are in alignment with our heart’s compass, leading us into a reality of fulfillment.

To access the quantum quest of Aries, we need to begin by asking a question of self-reflection.

Every Quest begins with a Question.

Every New Moon begins a new quest for us to access a new 29-day archetypal cycle concordant to the archetype the New Moon is occurring in. We activate this quest by asking ourselves a question for contemplation since the Moon rules over reflection. The question of this New Moon is:

What area of my life needs a new vision? Why?

In the war against negative thoughts, sometimes the only way we can win is by accessing a new vision. Rather than fight the endless battle with an outer opponent, we look within to conquer ourselves. Only then will Sun Tzu’s words come true:

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Love and light are the most powerful weapons in the war against evil and negativity. Aries is under the influence of Mars, the warrior planet, bestowing us with the energy, stamina and drive to take the fight where it belongs: within.

Whenever we try to fight on the outside, we distract ourselves from the battle within. As difficult, or impossible as these words seem, they should be tried before they are dismissed. Disbelief in these words is an indication of much captivity you are under.

The planet Mars shows us which ego identities hold us hostage the most and from which prisons we need to break out of. Once we accomplish liberation, we can use the martian energy to drive forward in our lives - one prison at a time.

If you have felt stuck, uninspired or old, this New Moon in Aries can refill you with progressive motion, inspiration, and youth.

Mars in Gemini.

Mars will be freshly in Gemini, a mutable air sign. Mars takes about six to seven weeks to go through a sign, so it’s a fast moving planet but with strong repercussions. Mars in Gemini is breaking down any weak foundations within our relationships.

It will also make sure the choices we have made are strong enough to withstand the tests of time they will face. If things crumble down during this time, it’s for the best as it’s better to know how much endurance a project has sooner rather than later.

Choices we make while Mars is in Gemini might be a bit brash or blindsighted. Many of us will think with our heart or our sex drive! Try to use this energy to live in love, and to bring pleasure to others.

The New Moon in Aries will be influenced by Mars’ transit through Gemini. We can all work to reinforce our commitment to ourselves, those who love us, and our spiritual teachers.

New Eyes.

A new vision can create a new world. A world traumatized by the past can be set free into a world supporting possibilities. A world darkened by oppression can be illuminated by options and encouragement. A world hindered by addiction can be destroyed and tidal waves of self-empowerment and choice may be unleashed.

The truth is that these worlds already exist within us. They are not something we need to “go out” and find. The question of the New Moon in Aries asks us to find new vision in areas of our lives.

Once we find these new worlds within us, we can bring them out into the open for others to participate in. That’s what branding is all about, that’s what Aries, the sayer of “I am” is all about.

A clear vision is what we need, to see where we go next. The first New Moon of the Astrological New Year gives us the power to receive the freedom we need to go where we want, “where no human has gone before”.

Astrological Data.

The decan where this New Moon is occurring is the 2nd decan of Aries, which is ruled by the Sun and the Three of Wands Tarot.

The Sun, the co-ruler of this New Moon, is always conjunct the Moon when it’s new. Both Sun and Moon are making a square to Saturn in Capricorn gifting us with the challenge to build our personal empires and open ourselves up to the next version of ourselves.

This New Moon falls in at 15° and therefore is about accessing the middle way.Whenever, we are working with the 15th degree of the constellation, we are opening the doors to the highest expression of the sign. Not too early and not too late, there is a magical timing opening the gates to the highest form of this decan, which is about having faith in the new, moving on with maturity, and expanding our world.

Aries wants to give us the vision we need. It is up to us to gather all the pieces and put them into the puzzle that is our life. Sometimes we get glimpses into the bigger picture, but with the New Moon in Aries, we will be able to see the areas where we are missing the pieces so that we can become more whole.

Zodiacal City.

The New Moon, which represents our vessel, is empty and ready to receive everything it needs for its 29-day journey around the zodiacal city. As it transits through each neighborhood, it collects and gathers various gifts and lessons. Yet before it departs for its journey, there is a 48-hour window of preparation where the energy downloads everything necessary to make the journey a successful one and with our meditation, we assure that we can receive it all.

If you’re serious about moving on with the wonderful New Moon in Aries, you can pre-order the guided meditation workshop. This New Moon will affect each of us specifically. Depending where this New Moon is occurring for you will tell you where to put your focus. For easy insight, be sure to download my Astrolochi® Astrology Moon Meditation Workbook to optimize the energies and imagine the life you intend.

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to give back, and support my work, it is happily and spirituality received here.

Have a wonderful New Moon in Aries and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash® Astrology.