Why Space Clearing is Extremely Important To Be Happy!

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I'm writing today to let you know about the exciting news that we have made a service that was formerly only available to our customers subscribed to our Life Coaching With The Xanders program, available a la carte!

But before I can get into that, I want to talk about spring cleaning.

Some of us are busy spring bodies leaping out of winter and ready to turn a new leaf.

It's good to get rid of things. My wife and I are clearing out our cellar. We have so many things twice from consolidating our two homes into one. You can give stuff away or donate it or throw it out you'll feel so much better.

But here I want to talk about energy spring cleaning. So, in summer sometimes our bodies can be programed to prepare for winter by storing more fat that can keep us warm in winter. However, sometimes we never burn that fat in winter and we keep it on. The same words with energies. This is how you get nostalgic and hold onto things because you are holding on to the emotions and guess what! They follow you to the next stage of your life, even if it’s a next life!

So spring represents a time when we can initiate new things.

The point is, that by the time we get to spring and we want to detox or clean house, we shouldn’t only focus on the physical and material things like weight and possessions that we can shed off, but we need to consider the spiritual and energy realms too. The emotions that we attach to things. If we remove the emotions, then we remove the value of that thing (for my astro fans out there, I am talking about the 2nd Astrological House).

When we place emotional attachments onto items, times, places and such, we give them energy so that they can come alive. These emotional babies then need to be fed energy. This is how many times these forces can become attached to many of the possessions we have. Now imagine what happens if these items belonged to someone else, or if you shared a life with someone and whatever energies they have hoarding around.

Some of these energies are outright demonic, while others are just lost and confused. Either way, they can disturb our lives. We commonly know them as ghosts, spirits and energy patterns. They can be disguised as angels, or helpful spirits too. It’s very difficult to decipher them, think Magicians. That's not to say that that person is demonic, but it could be.

An old mirror, or clothes from your friends can have all sorts of experiences and energies from those experiences attached to them. Empty houses and buildings are not really empty at all, we lack the true vision to see what’s going on there! I have the ability to smell it, while my wife can outright see them. Scary!!!

These occupants can create all sorts of issues with the people who use the space, unless it is energetically cleansed, we stand no chance at living in harmony with our new space. If it’s a home, family members can argue; if it’s an office the teams will not operate at optimum levels. In fact, these entities can also affect the digital realm, think Ghost In A Shell - the original anime. The binaries can lose their ability to switch from 1 and 0 where a reboot is needed.

We try to work on these issues, but there are realms that we don’t consider. Realms where these entities can affect us, and they begin to fight the more we grow and we are left swimming upstream. This is why it can be so difficult to get rid of things or to make changes in our environment.

This also applies to our inner space.

If we are on a diet for example, chances are we have stored some of the emotions with the fat we want to get rid of. Now emotions come with their own set of energies from positive to dark and even demonic. And as soon as we get rid of the body fat they are stored in, we will “set them free” into the environment.

The same applies to quitting drugs. Every drug, may it be an OTC, prescribed or street drug, has entities attached to them. And though we only apply this knowledge to the so called drug addict, we also know that every drug user has their very special relationship with his drug of choice and so it can be a very emotional process when we are breaking up.

The environment is everything and if the environment is cleansed then undesired energies don't stand a chance. This is why we offer a space clearing program, which we can do from anywhere in the world. In fact we do this before we travel to clear up the region before we arrive. This can be a lot of work esp. If it's a place we have never been to or haven't visited in a long time. We also do it for our life coaching clients.

Their homes, offices and places of business or recreation. For their cars or new buildings or property where buildings are to be placed. And their online spaces, their websites, their accounts and such. And now we are doing it for you too!

Everything is made of the same matter on the sub-atomic levels, and each of these levels can have attachments.

It's viral to remove the entities that are entitled to stay in your space and suck your energy. They can scare people and make them see things that are not there. Most of us all have experienced these things.

Or if you have done a lot of spiritual work, this releases entities and where do you think they go? They can recycle back in.

The Spiritual space clearing we offer is like a fresh start and it's something we only offered to our Xander Life Coaching clients, but we are now offering it a la carte to anyone who needs it. It's like house cleaning with ghostbusters as your maids LOL!

Depending on the size of the building or space, we will need to have a consultation. It could be your neighbors house will be included or that we need to do the entire 50 story building or that we need to go deep within the building down into the earth to clean the karma around it because let's face it. Earth is a graveyard! Who knows what you're walking on!