Stargazer Weekly: Dec. 16-22, 2018


Hi Stargazers! 🌃🔭

If you’ve been faced with some regrets, this is the week to surmount them and let them go. With the Winter Solstice on Saturday, and the Full Moon in Cancer, we are presented with the cosmic opportunity to close a chapter of our lives.

Usually when we drag things on, we become used to them, accustomed to its company. However, as we have become increasingly aware of these customs, now is the time to become courageous and let them go. Otherwise, we will just dive deeper into the mold, making more work for a later time.

We all have a karmic blueprint. It’s not our first time living a life. We shouldn’t forget, or ignore the fact that our patterns are our responsibility and the only contribution that we can make to the betterment of the world is to dissolve our karmic patterns.

Nobody can do it for us! So, rather than complain about what’s going on the outside, clean up your business.

The time is now. Close that chapter so that you can move into a new state of you, free from regret and burden.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash® Astrology.

Weekly Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: Depression and burden are a vicious cycle. Don’t get caught up in it! We feel like we have so much on our plate and regret whatever we have lost. If need be, take a minute to look at it, but then move on! There is so much more ahead if we can discipline ourselves! Sun semisquare Venus

  2. Monday: We might find ourselves a bit headstrong today, so chill out a bit. Allow for some vision. This way, we can see where the next brick needs to go. Moon square Saturn

  3. Tuesday: We need to knock on doors to get what we want. Which means, we might be rejected! When we can remember that we are not our ego, we can use the ego as an ambassador for our goals (with love, faith, trust, gratitude and courage)! Mars 20° Pisces

  4. Wednesday: Our minds are opening up to greater insights and realities. What we know today is more than we knew yesterday. The question remains: how are we going to use it? Going around the same old block? Or generating something new? Mercury conjunct Jupiter

  5. Thursday: Whatever we have been sitting on needs to be released. It could be our talents or a dream. Now is the time to grow beyond ourselves and really make a move towards what we truly need for our evolution. Fantasies can be put to rest as we expand our world. Jupiter square Neptune

  6. Friday: Building upon yesterday, now we have even more creative energy to throw into the mix. The regret we felt on Sunday is old news! So transitory! There is love and positive energy supporting our new perspective of sharing and being healed. Be sure to use it in a positive fashion so that it won’t go to waste. Venus trine Neptune

  7. Saturday: Today, the solar energy shifts into Saturn ruled Capricorn! It’s time to work and manifest reality! We also have the Full Moon in Cancer, so be sure to check out my Moon Meditation to eliminate obstacles on your path to realization! Sun enters Capricorn.

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