Stargazer Weekly: Jan. 20 - Jan. 26, 2019


Hi Stargazers! 🌃🔭

Wow! We are already in the month of Aquarius, and the energy is electric!

Sunday sees the sun move into Aquarius, only to oppose the full moon in Leo, which is also a lunar eclipse on the next day! Be sure to participate in our full moon lunar eclipse meditation. Read more about this eclipse on my site.

Now that we are in the month of Aquarius, remember to download and install the Aquarius wallpaper for your phone and get some color therapy to help you bring out the best of the month. Also, you’ll want use the plants that were created to overcome the negative influences of the planets with the Aquarius Essential Oil Blend and Astro Spray.

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This is a powerful week indeed, as there are many shifts taking place right from the start. The change from Capricorn to Aquarius is paramount, and it can be very energizing in some cases. We need to be careful to not seek freedom in places where we would step on other people’s toes. There is public domain, and then there is trespassing. These are major themes in the universe right now and we need to also resort to the golden rule “treat others how you want to be treated”.

To get a clear idea of what the Aquarius season will look like for you, get a chart reading with me. Take advantage of my insights so that you can gain insight for your life. Just the 30 Day Personal Development Strategy is all that’s needed. If you want bigger, long-term insights, book the 180 Day Personal Development Strategy. And don’t forget, you can book both me and Aurelia for a Powerhouse Consultation.

This week, we also see Venus making a conjunction to Jupiter in Sagittarius within the house of money, values and material attachments. It’s really up to us how we want to use this energy. We can accumulate more, but we need to be sure that we are not accumulating more attachments, because it can create suffering down the line. We are being given life to the areas where we have felt victimized by life’s pressures (whether in the form of people or projects). I can help you release these victim attitudes in a balancing if need be.

The main focus is sharing, and giving more, shifting into the aquarius mindset. As we are living in the Age of Aquarius, the age of information, we can access anything at any time. Ignorance is a choice in today’s world, but wisdom will always remain a merit.

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to give back, and support my work, it is happily and spirituality received here.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using dash® Astrology.

Weekly Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: The sun enters into aquarius today, giving us a stronger desire for knowledge and connection. How do you connect with others?

  2. Monday: Today is officially, the Full Moon in Leo/Lunar Eclipse. Read all about it on my site and do the guided meditation to eliminate obstacles!

  3. Tuesday: There is a beautiful conjunction between venus and jupiter in sagittarius today. Desire nature is expanded and we can learn to desire for more by wanting to share with others.

  4. Wednesday: If you find yourself thinking about the past, try to make something useful and practical come of it. There is no need to get all emotional, just find its use for today and move on with it.

  5. Thursday: The jupiter conjunct venus is just lovely. Asking us to open our hearts to what we want and to really go for it! Persistence is the #1 key to success. Even if things look the same, you can make them new if you stay true to you!

  6. Friday: We have the inspiration to work for our desires and the energy to get it done! Be productive today and try not to get distracted by what other people are doing “wrong”. Stay focused!

  7. Saturday: Team is crucial in any venture. Working together requires fun and a common goal. Working hard allows you to play hard so don’t cut corners and then have a good time later.