Central Medicine is the source of eastern and western wisdom. It is a nexus which explains and utilized the secrets of the universe unfiltered by locality, culture, or the limitations of ethnicity or birthright.



Astrolochi® is a form of Central Medicine, which uses the science of astrology and the tools of kinesiology to reveal healing. The energy structures of man are not exclusive to the cultures that documented them, as our meridians and chakras have been a part of us long before their dissemination into pop culture (or ….long before their dissemination.)


One of the vehicles of Central Medicine is Astrolochi® (astrology + chi), which is based upon the wisdom of the archetypes and utilized by energetic kinesiology. Astrolochi® helps us overcome the effects astrology has mapped out for us, individually and collectively.


Without superstition, we are able to understand what our challenges are and turn them into opportunities for growth and blessings.


The Astrolochi Technique

Astrolochi® is a revolutionary system which uses an archetypal alphabet, which dates back to the origin of creation, and kinesiology, the ultimate vehicle to communicate with the body and subconscious patterns.

Funneling Medieval, Esoteric, Kabbalistic, Tibetan, Eastern and Western symbols through this archetypal language allows one to really get the most detailed map of what is going on within and without.


Whenever an astrological chart is interpreted, a reality begins to take form, which is why we want to insist that charts are read with honesty and optimism. This is my utmost priority in a session and perhaps what sets Astrolochi from other types of consulting. I want to make sure that the archetypes are manifesting into your reality in a supportive way and can help you so that you can co-create your reality. When working with challenges and obstacles, I bring them to your consciousness so that you can overcome their influences and resolve karma.


In a session, I provide the insight and tools to overcome the effects of the stars - not to be afraid of what they may bring. This can include avoiding certain situations, or becoming aware of subconscious behaviors for the soul purpose of restricting against them.