The DASH® Lineage of The 22 Archetypes

An archetype is omnipresent and omnipotent. We can find the answers to our questions by meditating and working with the archetypes. In our world today, the archetypes are ever present in our lives, we just need to take the time to notice them. We see them in our favorite media like movies, music videos, songs and shows, even though possibly degraded. I use the archetypes as the language to unlock the signs and messages. Like a computer, we need to read the programming in order to see the design under disaster. My soulmate, Aurelia, has a very pure and unique take on these archetypes which has been passed on to her by her grandmother. She has taught about these archetypes all around the world to leaders and laypeople alike. The wisdom of the archetypes is available to everyone to the degree they can receive it. She has taught, and continues to teach me about the static wisdom of the archetypes while I show her how they work in a dynamic fashion.

These twenty-two archetypes are the raw material of creation and the archetypes used in the DASH® astrology system.

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