Full Moon in Gemini: With Synthesis 1 + 1 = 3

FULL MOON @ 01° GEMINI Nov. 23, 2018, 05:41 AM UTC

FULL MOON @ 01° GEMINI Nov. 23, 2018, 05:41 AM UTC


With Synthesis 1 + 1 = 3

Hi Stargazers!

The next two Full Moons will occur in the zeroth degree of the constellation.

A zero degree represents the deepest, or seed level energy of the outcome. Like a real seed, it contains the entire tree. The only thing that keeps us from seeing the tree is time. With time, and supportive circumstances, the tree will mature, providing shelter, nourishment, and shade for those who need it.

The Full Moon represents a time when we can remove obstacles that may have arisen since the New Moon. When the Full Moon occurs at the seed level of a sign, we are presented with a remarkable opportunity to remove future obstacles that may arise in regards to the constellation the Full Moon occurs in.

Gemini, the host of this Full Moon, is obviously to be found within each and every astrological chart. It’s an archetype we all have within us and it rules over relationships, frameworks, choices, and the ability to communicate and synergize with others.

Relationships work best when they are not built upon sacrifice, as this will lead to resentment in the long run. The power of synthesis, ruled by Gemini, allows us to work with others and create a solution that is exciting, effective, and uplifts everyone involved. Where synthesis requires commitment and work, anyone can make a sacrifice - it’s the easy way out and leaves us with wounds.

Oftentimes, a sacrifice causes us to begin compensating in other areas.

Fortunately, the highest form of a sacrifice is synthesis, because when we can leave behind the egotistical perception of loss that usually condiments sacrifice, we find that we have joined with something greater than ourselves and can experience gain. When we explore all the options, and wholeheartedly sacrifice our desire, the sacrifice graduates into a synthesis the moment we choose to use the energy we had reserved to fulfill our desire to collaborate.

At its core, the only difference between sacrifice and synthesis is the mental attitude we adopt and that framework of the situation we choose to operate in.

If we cannot authentically “sacrifice” with all our heart, we are only playing the martyr, which has its own payoffs the ego will most certainly cash-in on down the road.

This Full Moon is giving us the opportunity to release ourselves from sacrifices we have made so that we can recontextualize our contribution to our relationships. This will make us happier and has the potential to heal relationships that have gone down this road for too long. It can also set the foundation for a healthy attitude going forward in new relations, personal or professional.

For 24 hours before and 24 hours after the Full Moon, we are seeing all the options we have beyond our preconceived ideas. We will access the options we have been blind to because we thought we have sacrificed a part of ourselves away. It will become apparent that it was only an illusion, fumed by our ego that prefers to blame others and be victimized by environments. With this Full Moon, we will be illuminated with the light of clarity to see past mental projections and expand ourselves with the opposition from Jupiter conjunct the Sun that just entered Sagittarius.

Jupiter just had its homecoming into Sagittarius earlier this month and we are beginning a new journey of finding the guru within. When in opposition to this Full Moon in Gemini, we are reflecting upon our ability to perceive the multitudes of options that are available to us. At the same time, this Full Moon asks us the following:

Are my decisions made with a "way out" in mind? How does this behavior affect myself and my environment?

As the moon wanes back into its state of emptiness, we may need to make atonements for our past actions where we may have abandoned relationships. Specifically, we need to look at the moments we insincerely began something with an eye on the exit the entire time.

We always have the ability to go back and repent for our selfish deeds that may have hurt others, and ultimately ourselves. This reflective process will be supported by Neptune going direct just a day after the Full Moon in Gemini, giving us the power to see things from a new perspective and make adjustments as needed.

We need to be careful that we are not getting confused in this process of growth and expansion. We will find that as our vessel grows, we may feel a bit overwhelmed, but how we respond to this stretch will determine how we build ourselves. We always have two choices, to either construct our being and destroy karma, or to construct our karma and destroy our being (i.e., self-sabotage).

Whenever we are overwhelmed, we instantly become confused and unable to be present in the moment. This is because our being is overloaded with energy, whether it be information or emotions, and our circuit breaks. It is in these moments when we are vulnerable to outside stimuli such as advertisements, campaigns, gossip, rumors, opinions or the negative chatter of the ego. We may mindlessly eat, smoke or fidget with something when we are in an overloaded state of confusion.

Until our being, our vessel, is big enough to be underwhelmed by incoming stimuli, we are in constant risk of getting confused and going blind to the obstacles before us. The best way to grow our vessel is by sharing with others and immediately using the energy that we receive for the benefit of others. That way, we insure that we will receive more energy without running out because the universe supports those who support others.

This Full Moon is also giving us a strong connection with our guidance. Stronger than our mental capacity, guidance puts us in the right place at the right time and shows us the next step we need to take. It will help us calm our minds so that we sleep better at night and remove mental constructs that imprison us.

The area of Gemini where this Full Moon is occurring asks us to renounce our preconceived ideas. We need to step away from prejudice and reopen our mind without disguising inquisitiveness as curiosity. We are presented with the opportunity to remove pre-judgements that have made us blind to the blessings that are ours, as well as the obstacles we need to remove. Remember, we have all that we need, and this Full Moon will melt away any resistance to thinking otherwise.

For 24 hours before and after the Full Moon, we are taking whatever is negative back to its “quantum soup” state so that we can create something new and beautiful. It is potentially happening for us all, but with the Moon Mediation Workbook and online Moon Meditation Obstacle Removing Workshop I am hosting, we are really tapping into and accessing this state made available to us all.