Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018

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When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears.

We Need A Miracle.

Well, right off the bat, we need to aware that Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so it’s a homecoming! It takes Jupiter about 12 years to go through each of the signs, consequently this happens every 12 years. The heart of the solar system is going home!

Whenever Jupiter enters into a new sign, we all feel it.

Jupiter rules over thunder! That’s why the archetype Thor is connected to Jupiter. Interestingly enough, Jupiter will move into Sagittarius on Thor’s Day, or Thursday, this year making for a triple treat! Plus! The moon will move into Sagittarius on Thursday for even more expansion and blessings.


Last year, when Jupiter went into Scorpio the sex scandals started to hit the media. And that makes sense as Scorpio rules sex, disclosures, death and transformation (et.al). In the past year, our hearts (ruled by Jupiter) have been learning to let go of expectations and pretensions regarding life, death, sexuality, and transformation. We either transform, or we don’t and we can’t have it both ways.

With Jupiter entering into Sagittarius, we have to adjust ourselves to the new, higher vibration that will render. The mixture of Jupiter and Sagittarius asks us to bring our opposing experiences into union, as to create something greater than the individual parts.

For example, when we mix the bitter with the sweet, we are left with the bittersweet (which usually means something is good but there is a bad part to it). But really, we need to understand that we want to avoid just one side of it, either the bitter or, the sweet, and other sensations of elation and frustration.


Because, when we are entirely elated, in the same way as when we are frustrated, we are out of control. We cannot harness, or use the energy. It either burns out, or it burns us out. So, we combine the bitter with the sweet to temper the energy of enthusiasm and pessimism to create the perfect balance.

The risks of too much enthusiasm are obvious: a quick flame or flash of insight, only to be lost with the next thing. The risks of pessimism are the flip side: dull lack of energy, unable to have any new ideas because we already doomed ourselves.

When we can temper the two, and create the bittersweet, we can better handle the energy that wants to pour into our lives.

Yes, it will take some trial and error, but that’s better than a rerun of the same old stuff!



This is our personal quest to mix what we have learned of two opposing forces, and then discard the rest, i.e. whatever wasn’t working for us.

Jupiter is the largest planet, so its impact is gigantic! It also rules over reincarnation and karma, so right away we look to the past to understand the present and plan for the future.

Let’s review the previous Jupiter in Sagittarius transit; November 23rd, 2006 - December 18th, 2007.

Collectively, two big things that happened worth mentioning is the public announcement of the first iPhone, which totally changed the world. Look at where we are 12 years later! All types of workflow expanded and our entire world revolves around this technology, software and hardware. Thank you Steve.


The second event worth mentioning is the Subprime Mortgage Crisis of 2007.

Jupiter is all about bringing unresolved trends back into fashion. So, we will see where we stand with our previous advancements and sins in the next year as a collective. We will be presented with everything we need in order to “get off the wheel” of recurring situations. It’s up to each of us individually, to improve the collective state of the world.

Jupiter rules over fortune, and to a certain degree, justice and law. Whenever Jupiter is transiting through a new sign, it can bring drama! Could be drama at school, or within the church and other philosophical associations that may be reluctant to change!

BTW: Did you know the great red spot on Jupiter is actually a big thunderstorm that has been going on for over 300 years and is two times the size of Earth!?

We also always want to keep in mind that Jupiter is the planet of blessings and growth, but how many times in life are we blind to the blessings that are right before us? How many times do we need to lose things before we can appreciate them? Is there something we can do about it?


When we understand that Sagittarius is about perception, we see that Jupiter transiting through Sagittarius is going to open our eyes!

The miracles are there, we just don’t see them! They aren’t revealed yet! But this transit is going to show us the miracles so that we can stop having excuses!

Excuses prevent us from moving forward and doing things. Excuses, excuse us from life! They excuse us from destiny! They keep us on a wheel of repeats, recycles and reruns.

We shouldn’t need to lose the things in order to appreciate them.

Count your blessings.

Nobody ever got anywhere by focusing on what they don’t have (excuses!) If you need a miracle, you already have the miracle, you’re just blind to it and only need to open your eyes. It’s ironic, we are blind to what’s before us, but we see it only once it’s far away.

This myopia can be healed in the next year. We can apply this attitude to every area in our life, too.

We will be tested throughout the year. Anything that we may have overestimated will be tested. The same is true on the other side, if we have underestimated, it may get a Super Mario Mega Mushroom (which translates into DO MORE!).


At the moment when Jupiter enters Sagittarius, it will make a trine aspect to Chiron (also ruled by Sagittarius) who is the wounded healer. Old wounds are healing, and if you haven’t already had your Chiron Point sealed, now is the year! The sooner the better to better deal with the energies manifesting in our world. Check it out here.

Go Big or Go Home!

Jupiter is so happy in Sagittarius! It’s like a big wheel (Jupiter rules wheels) at an amusement park (Sagittarius rules adventures). This means we have a lot of energy to play and have some fun.

A big shift we will see is the growth of philosophical systems of all kinds, including astrology! It’s almost like a wave of students are ready, so the wisdom wants to spread and get out there. Why? Because the desire always precedes the manifestation.

Religion, philosophical systems and the like will be tested and expanded. Old ways will no longer work because the old ways just don’t work on the new generation.

Make some plans.

Whatever your goals are, now is the time to put your best foot forward and allow the process of destiny to temper you into your true self.

No matter what the outer experiences will bring, we can practice staying true to ourselves right from the beginning as we don’t want to build a life on the basis of stress and self-importance. Otherwise, come Jupiter in Capricorn, we will only serve as a slave to the foundation we have setup.

Make some plans and follow through.

In making your plans, it’s helpful to see where Jupiter is transiting in your chart and what it will activate (or deactivate). Book a session with me to get a heads up specifically for this transit, which will last 13 months.

Energetic Health Suggestions

Jupiter is associated with the heart chakra, so heart chakra meditations are great to help balancing the energy. Using the Chakra 4 Essential Oil Blend (for Jupiter) and spraying the Sagittarius Spritz Aromatique will create a “Jupiter in Sagittarius” environment so that the blessings, wisdom and expansion can rain down love!

Chakra 4 Essential Oil Blend on the chest and spray the Sagittarius Spritz Aromatique around you - you can’t go wrong! ;)

Gemstones: Lapis and Amethyst (done & done!)


Anatomy to be aware of in this transit: Blood circulation, hips and thighs.

Questions to contemplate: What are you testing and trying out? How is what you’ve created in the past affecting you now?

Collective Pulls we might feel:

  1. Having a careless heart

  2. Exaggeration of point of view.

  3. Going around in circles.

  4. Taking things for granted.

  5. Expecting the universe to take care of everything.

What you can do to pull out:

  1. Share with authenticity

  2. Be inspired by different points of view.

  3. Remember previous lessons learned.

  4. Count your blessings.

  5. Don’t skimp on your responsibilities.