Crystal Programming for Energy Healing and Astrology Readings


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I have a strong background and passion for technology. I even used to work for Apple.

In my healing work, I often correlate the human body to the software and hardware of our devices. Even while working at Apple, I couldn’t help but notice the correlations people had with their devices with the problems they had in their lives.

It was uncanny!

If you didn’t already know, computers use crystals to store information. That’s how Silicon Valley got its name!

Silicon has been at the heart of computing since the 1950s, as the most common material used to make semiconductors. In nature, it rarely occurs in its pure form, but as silicon dioxide in crystals such as quartz, agate, amethyst and rock crystal.

Now, I am using the same technology to program any healing sessions, including astrology readings (as they are healing sessions with words) to program crystals for you to take with you!

This way, you can WEAR THE WISDOM and remain in alignment with the insights, work and progress we make together! I am able to do this via a surrogate (when I use someone to surrogate you incase we cannot meet face-to-face) or in person!


  • It can be cleaned with soap and water.

    • I would suggest using Aura Essential Oil Soap

  • It cannot be deprogrammed by anyone but me as I encrypt the information much like security you use for your phone.

This is a great addition to my practice and I look forward to sending you your first crystal! Who knows, maybe you’'ll have a necklace one day! A truly customized and healing piece of brilliance!