To Blame is Lame.

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Weekly Horoscope, Week 44
Oct. 28, 2018 - Nov. 3, 2018

Hello Stargazers! 🌃🔭

The transits this week are reminding us of the cosmic system. Everything is billed, issued and then paid. When we have a balance due, we need to pay it.

For example, when we order a meal and the bill comes, are we victimized by it? Even if we are on the smallest level, our attitude is clearly off. How do we know if we are even slightly victimized? If we feel like it’s a chore, a burden or if it’s unfair - for any reason (service, ambience, food quality, bills, etc).

But, the truth is: There are no victims.

Until we stop being victimized, we won’t be able to claim our power and direct our life. We just settle for being recipients of circumstance and the mood of the day. That’s why to blame is lame because we can’t move forward in our lives when we put circumstances on others.

We should just be proactive about it, and pay our karmic bills and with some spiritual insight and directive we can do it quickly.

It’s hard to do it alone, so I offer a 30 Day Program to give you practical insights into your personal karmic challenges and the best attitudes to adopt for a day-to-day basis.

You can get it live, pre-recorded, or written (which is great for translation).

To speed up eliminating victim consciousness and the chaos it begets, book your appointment. Let me know what’s going on, so I can know what to suggest.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using Astrolochi.

Weekly Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: Things are regenerating. The risk is that we need to be sure that we are not recreating regrets. When we regret, we haven’t learned the necessary lessons and are playing the victim. Remembering prevents regression. Sun 4° Scorpio conjunct Venus 2° Scorpio (Opposite Uranus 0° Taurus)

  2. Monday: There is an inner law of give-and-take that is emphasized today. We are in the process of eliminating obstacles until the new moon, so don’t take more than you can chew because it will only create burnout and future regret. Moon 0° Cancer trine Sun 5° Scorpio

  3. Tuesday: Strong reinforcements of discipline and focus are required to stay in the flow of your projects. Just ignore the phone sounds that are not for work. Mars 20° Aquarius semisquare Saturn 4° Capricorn

  4. Wednesday: Happy Halloween! Be safe! Mercury is in the final degree of Scorpio for just one more spook! We are thinking big and large about all the possibilities (some of them fantasies). Mercury 29° Scorpio conjunct Jupiter 28° Scorpio

  5. Thursday: Today is the seed level for the month of November, so make it a good one! Jupiter will soon enter its ruling sign, Sagittarius, so let’s finish up Jupiter in Scorpio homework ASAP! Sex, scandals, secrets and manipulation! Jupiter 28° Scorpio

  6. Friday: Venus just stepped back into Libra for another spin on the good ol’ block of relationships and law. It’s also keeping inline with that intense opposition to Uranus in Venus ruled Taurus. If you haven’t already put your victimization and abandonment issues to rest, you’re getting another shot at it during this time. There are no victims. Venus 29° Libra opposite Uranus 0° Taurus

  7. Saturday: We are learning that in order to keep a constant stream of income, abundance and wealth, we need to always stay just a little bit hungry. Meaning, don’t eat it all and fall into the couch in a food coma. Save room for more, figuratively speaking. Saturn wants us to keep working to keep bringing it in. Saturn 6° Capricorn