Chiron Enters Aries, Uranus in Taurus, Full Moon in Virgo, Pisces Season.


Hi Stargazers! 🌃🔭

There is a lot going on right now and a lot of planetary movements, which will have an effect here on earth.

  1. February 14 - Mars conjuncts Uranus and moves into Taurus

  2. February 18 - Chiron Moves into Aries

  3. February 19 - Sun moves into Pisces - just after Chiron leaves the sign,

  4. 3rd ½ and then we have Full Moon in Virgo, Sun in Pisces

  5. March 6 - Uranus moves into Taurus

I want to elaborate what this means for us all and the unique opportunities that are available for us.

On Valentines Day, Mars will be conjunct Uranus and will then pass into Taurus, the Venus ruled sign! We are breaking down fear. Mars is the ruler of Aries, and it’s like having a final word with Uranus before he moves into Uranus and won’t visit Aries for another 84 years (not until 2094!)

This is a strong infusion of archetypes in Aries, as Mars wants us to break down ego around fears that keep us from doing what we want! Aries wants the freedom to do what it pleases and Mars and Uranus in the final degree of the sign (which represents the cumulation of the sign) mean that nothing will stop us or others from seeking that freedom!

The first stages of our new journey is seeing some a completion of step one! We might even feel a sense of accomplishment, even if it’s closing a chapter. We have a chance to see if we still like the new path we are on or if we want to move into another direction. We will have the power and will to become fearless to continue on the same path or reboot into another direction.

This area of the zodiac is also great for prosperity and protection. We want to protect our recent progress, even if it’s not exactly how we envisioned it. We need to seal the connection and make sure that we take care of our efforts so that the fruit can blossom without outside forces interrupting it.

Now, on February 18th, Chiron, which is an asteroid, will move out of Pisces. As it’s in the final degrees of Pisces, it’s healing the entire chart - We are at the Omega and then it moves into the Alpha when it moves into 0° Aries! Chiron tends to create chaos, because it’s a deep wound that we need to heal, and then once we heal it we need to spread that healing to others. But it’s deep and it’s karmic. It often represents where we have indulged in past lives.

Now, I just love this because at it’s in the Omega of the Zodiac - 29° Pisces - we have a chance to heal the entire ZODIAC! This is massive!

I will be having 2 Chiron Point Workshops this year - 1 in Hollywood at Liberate Hollywood and another in Bali at the IKC International Conference - where you will learn how to find what I call the Chiron Point on the Body. It’s the perfect timing for it!

Now Chiron has been in Pisces because of retrograde, but after this, it’s not going back into the Piscean waters! It’s been a time of healing psychic wounds, spiritual wounds, religious wounds even. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, so it’s been about letting go of being a victim, healing that victim consciousness and as Chiron moves into Aries, it will be able healing our ability to lead, our ability to pioneer into a new world.

In Aries, it could also be a healing journey of self-discovery. We’ve healed the entire Zodiac at 29° Pisces, and in 0° Aries, we establish the healing we want to have throughout the next rotation - this is amazing and unique guys!

So, we’ve seen the spiritual unfoldment, we gained healing through meditation and we have done our best to integrate these changes into our bodies while Chiron was transiting Pisces.

In Aries, we will heal our vision - our ability to have the big picture and bring order and structure into our lives. We want to remember that the root causes are where the things need to be change, not at the level of the facade, or the effect. We need to have facade, but we cannot believe that it’s the Truth.

Also, because Aries is a selfish sign, we need to be careful of selfish healers. Trust me, I know, there are many healers who are so selfish and are not spiritual at all. Maybe they have studied their systems, and they know about the energetic structures of man, but this doesn’t mean that they are spiritual.

The desire of the world, while Chiron was transiting Pisces was to heal our disconnection from spirituality. Now, we have a hunger for it and it’s important that we become spiritual by following authenticity spiritual people. This isn’t people who look the part. These are not people who hate Trump. These are also not people who pretend to not hate Trump. These are not people who pretend to have compassion for Trump and say it only because it sounds good. These are people who have the bigger picture and can open the minds to it.

So please, vet your therapists and healers and astrologers. Make sure that they are spiritual, and not just using the spiritual words. Because the greatest tool the negative forces have is the new age movement that makes us think we can wave a magical wand and everything is fixed. It’s not how it’s done.

The next day, just after Chiron leaves Pisces, the Sun moves into Pisces! Again, it’s these themes of just being an inch ahead! So this begins Solar Pisces and it’s inaugurated by a Full Moon in Virgo!

So with the Sun Moving into Pisces, our focus needs to be on really caring for others and not getting pulled down by their problems. It’s really about integrating everything that we have accumulated since the Spring Equinox last year! Into our actual Bodily organism. Chiron just went through Pisce and now the Sun is in the wake of that transit. We are healing our ability to confront and be heard by others.

One of the biggest lessons we need to learn in Pieces is to live life without checking out and spacing out on things. We need to confront reality, not get spaced out with new age systems, drugs, or fantasies that we have about people. Pisces, ruled by Neptune has a lot of imagination, and it can be used to keep us in a delusion, so break free out of it, otherwise - you’re going to go another round of the same old BS.

The Full Moon in Virgo, could help us get grounded and into reality. Virgo is an earth sign, and it helps to ground that deep submerge of Pisces. This Full Moon is really about allowing ourselves to follow through with things we have begun. I will have more about that in my article and even more with the Moon Meditation Video Workshop, so check that out on

Then, Uranus moving, finally back into Taurus and it will stay there. The financial market is changing. There is no doubt about it. The food we eat (Taurus) so many things are going on which this transit, it will bring change and hopefully make us fearless. Religious systems will be shaken up! It’s time for changes in all these regards.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!